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IFC1 cover

Here’s the place to get your Go.Fight.Pow! fix…get hooked up with any one of our sets, pick up Special Edition cards and all of the latest releases right here!

Start with IFC 1, the 16 card set where it all began….fight with the likes of Bobcat Jack, Death Star, Krusher Khan, Rabbid and many others!

Add more fighters with the 16 card Free Agent pack. The wild cowboy Buck Tomkins takes the stage, the gruesome Muck will leave fans in disgust, the unpredictable zombie Stretchrrrr corrupts the competition…Saint Nick and Comet are not naughty fighters, but aren’t nice enough to let you win!

IFC 2 sees a unique twist to the game. 8 fighters enter the cursed league, the only way to lift the curse is for one fighter to beat all 8 of the invaders…fail to do so and you’re banished!

International Incident introduces the duos (tag-team) action when Ricky Riot and Robby Rocket (Rocket Riot Express) enter the league…former street fighters Crimson Cross and Papa Dhark add more flavor to the fight.

Future 4 sees a disturbing message come from 2 fighters, but no one is sure what to make of it or believe it. Can it have an impact on the future…or past? Get Lazer Man, Hubris and the duo of Nitro and Turbo called Nu-Breed to find out how things shake out.

GLITTER is over 30 fighters strong in this mega pack for the all-girl fight league. Sisters battle it out when Chloe Cosmos and Space Girl Paige lock up…The monster masher Franny Stein looks to battle anyone…the fiery Burn and fiesty Bast, the strong willed Peaches and vibrant Rainbow Stryke add to this huge line up of characters ready for you!

Fatale 4 is a 4 card expansion that sees Showstopper, DisGrace, T’Ga and Emma Venom enter the GLITTER to try their hand at the Sparkle title.