A fast and furious fighting card game where the past and future fight it out in the present for the Intergalactic Championship. It’s Street Fighter meets Pro Wrestling on your tabletop…welcome to the Intergalactic Fight Club and GLITTER!

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The brand new 54 card expansion for the IFC is ready to order! Get the largest IFC expansion to date right now at the store!

PowerMonger is at it again, and this time he’s stolen the newly minted Intergalactic title infused with the time gems! Punk A.D. and others are out to stop him and right the ship. New event cards are added like the Tim Rocket, Sr. Memorial Cup and the Tournament of Trios. Get flavor cards for the Intergalactic Title, Tournament Mode, Advanced Rules and more!

Get the game here: Champions of Time



Coming this Fall/Winter 2018 will be some exciting new things coming to the GFP universe!

First will be the Free Agents 2 pre-order and release. This is a 36 card set that spawned from the Kickstarter Create-a-Character tier. You’re going to see fighters like Big Cub, Gordon G. Smack, Dr. Matimatico, the huge duo of XTinction  featuring Big Yella and Papa Gus…The party gets started with Wasted Youth and Bahamas Bull…There’s so much goodness here and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

Our 2nd year of Fight Pass was another success, and we’re doing it again in 2019. One question that’s asked: “Do you want more fighters?” You resounded with a huge “YES!” You want more, you’re gonna get more!

We’ll have the normal 16 card level with the pre-order card for the Monster of the Midway, Tweedle Die! You’ll also be able to choose the Gold tier, which will contain a staggering 24 cards (2 cards a month, every month!) One thing is for sure with 2019 Fight Pass, you’ll want to subscribe, as it will have some implications for the new set to follow it! Stay tuned Fight Fans, things are about to get exciting!